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The adage about the three most important things in real estate being location, location and location sounds good, but when you have a home to sell, location doesn’t matter – it is where it is! What matters are two things: market price and marketing plan. A well-priced home without a marketing plan will sit, and even a great marketing plan won’t sell a home for significantly above market value. It’s the combination that works. Problem is, most real estate agents don’t have a marketing plan other than to put your home in the MLS, post on Zillow, and hope some agent will show it. Some will take it to the next level and promise to put it on their website or their company website where again they wait for someone to find it.

We offer a detailed 16 Week Marketing Plan that provides a coordinated multi-channeled effort to expose your home to as many people as possible and provide the follow-up that is needed. It is a weekly combination of direct mail, digital distribution to over 300 websites, on-line video, personal contacts, social media, and constant feedback.

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Buyer's Plan

Just like a Seller, Buyers need to have a plan when they begin the process of finding their next home. While the proliferation of real estate websites makes locating properties easier, that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Sellers do a CMA to determine price when listing their home, buyers need to do the same when buying! Quality pictures and video make most homes look great, but what is it you are not seeing?
And then there are the details. Once you have found the “perfect” home, what about inspections, what about title issues, which loan is best for you, how do you select a closing attorney. And who pays all those “closing costs”?

Most agents will start showing right away, at least they will meet you at the home you called or emailed for information. But we start the process by explaining the process – knowledge is power and as a buyer you want ALL the information. From Agency to Acceptance, from call to closing, we make it clear and simple.

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Zack Wheeler was the second realtor we worked with to sell a rental property and wish we would have used him first! He understood the pressure to sell quickly after the tenants had moved out and ran point for us on repair work and even the closing due to our hectic schedules. Zack did a great job and is highly recommended.

Michael Jebaily